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Search tips

If you are having difficulty finding what you are looking for the following tips may help.


Double-check for misspellings or typos: If you are unsure of the correct spelling of a word you can try typing in the first few letters. This will bring up any images containing a word that partially matches these letters. For example, searching for the string 'mount' will bring up any images containing the word 'mountain'.


Searching for multiple words: You can enter any number of words within any of the keyword search boxes. By default if you enter multiple keywords these will be linked with AND, for example ‘beach sand boat, will bring up all images with the words 'beach' AND 'sand' AND 'boat' associated with them. You can also use 'AND' to perform the same search.


You can also search for images containing any of a series of keywords by using the word OR. For example 'sunrise or sunset' would bring up any images with either the words 'sunrise' or 'sunset' associated with them.


Excluding words: You can exclude words from your search by putting a minus ('-') in front of the word you want to exclude. For example, ‘beach -people' will result in all images that have the word 'beach' but not 'people' associated with them.


Exact phrase searching: Some keywords that you will be using will actually be phrases, such as a person's name. As by default any words entered into a keyword search are separated by an AND, in order to find a keyword phrase you should enclose the required phrase in quotation marks " or apostrophes '.